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A One Year Course
( 3 Hours/day x 2 Days/week )

A Six Months Course
( 3 Hours/day x 2 Days/week )

A Three Months Fast Track Course
( 3 Hours/day x 3 Days/week )

A One Month Fast Track Course
( 2 Hours/day x 5 Days/week )

The Edge

Designboxx courses combine an excellent mix of several key skills that mark a students' performance in a design school entrance exam. These courses help a student identify and amplify his/her strengths and fine tune them further to excel in the entrance examination. All courses include requisite course material at all stages. Some of the skills covered in Designboxx courses are as follows :

A firm foundation in Art & Aesthetics.
Power of observation, innovation and design ability.
An appreciation for form, colour and shapes.
Communication Skills.
Innovative ways to look at and describe objects and environment.
Imaginative expression

In addition to the above, the courses include exercises as per NID/NIFT/CEED/NEED/AIEEE (B.Arch) and Portfolio specific development training for International design institutes.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Art & Design foundations thoroughly.
Ability to generate and communicate ideas.
Use their drawing skills to develop stories and studio tests.
Ability to solve questionnaire of various institutes.
Do the best in the limited time which is the key in this game